There’s this realm, that is more an union between smaller princedoms, city states and other small regions. They are all hold together by the king of Atalar, a coastal realm that forced the smaller ones into submission centuries ago. To explain what’s the deal with Atalar, gods need to be explained.There were a number of gods and small powerful supernatural beings. Atalar was once a huge kingdom governed by Korta, the Bright, one of the gods. Kartaja was a second kingdom, occupying the west side of the continent, and ruled by Luxor, the Wise, another of the gods. There were other gods, usually people ascended by Korta or Luxor to godhood or demi-godhood, but all the power come from the two high gods.After thousand of years of rulling, the high gods became bored and decided to start political games and warfare between cities and lesser gods as “experiments” on the nature of humankind. Of course a lot of people died during those things but the high gods were too powerful to care.

Six hundred years ago, on the small city of Redfield in Atalar near the border with Kartaja, Jhaine the first decided that it was enough, and grew tired of that bullshit. He was a savvy player on the high gods game and a moderately skilled warrior. He and his mercenaries dubbed the Redfield Regulars grew in fame and power, and very close to Korta. Then one day, Jhaine killed Korta. No one was sure you could really kill a god but somehow he did it.

With Korta dead, the infighting that was seeded by Korta split Atalar in many small divisions, that persist to this day. Jhaine declared himself the first mortal king of Atalar and after years of war got the region under control. The royal family descended from Jhaine keeps ruling Atalar to this day, the current king being Jhaine XIII, a young man that is a rare occurrence on the family because he actually is a good warrior.

The small princedoms follow the King’s rule, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t go to war with other princedoms or cities or just dispute borders now and then. It’s a vestige from the High God’s game, and Jhaines lets it happen because if they are fighting among them they can’t unite to bring him down.

What about Kartaja? No one knows. As soon as Korta died a mist wall raised and separated the two kingdoms. No one knows how thick, no one who tried to cross it made it alive, for all that matters Kartaja may be all engulfed in mist.

Magic? After Korta died magic and specially holy magic took a nosedive, not because it fell out of fashion but it works unreliably. No one knows if Luxor is still alive and other demigods are not around or just dead. Ancestor worship still works (and most priests gets by with it) but still, magic sometimes don’t work, works wrong or just explodes people.

Restrictions: No monks, no dragonborn. The rest of the races kinda live together on most places but of course there’s racial tension depending on the realm/princedom. Atalar is pretty mixed up, and other places may be race exclusive or dislike other races. Monks are just dumb and don’t exist at all, Ki being the name of a type of fly that feeds from dick rot.

All your characters have heard of the Redfield Regulars and how they are an awesome mercenary company that is involved on the most high profile skirmishes. All young people that dream on being adventures dream to join the Redfield Regulars, but the Regulars are known to not take in anyone that hasn’t proved themselves somewhere (usually through adventuring or doing well on smaller battles).

This is what your characters know, and it’s pretty much what everyone knows and reads on books and histories. Feel free to create city states or princedoms or whatever if you feel like it fits your character story. If I feel your character knows something different or moer, I will tell you in my private chambers.


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