Redfield Regulars

It was supposed to be a simple job!
Ooops we broke something.

This is how a small group of beginner mercenaries broke something important.

Most people don’t know that Crossville, aside from being a small village near the mountains and dangerously close to the Mistwall, is also a hub for wannabe mercenaries looking for that easy job that will propel him towards the bigger mercenary companies, maybe even the Redfield Regulars.

It’s in Crossville that Jeffrik and Mehmen found themselves after a failed – and a little embarrassing – run in with the bandit group led by Saint John the Betrayer. They are forced to lick their wounds and polish their pride with a lot of booze and specially food. Say anything about Mehmen but the man can eat a small person before lunch and still be hungry.

It’s also in Crossville that Reznor the blind and Uthman Al-Nour bound over the fact that their gods are terrible and don’t answer anymore. Magic right? Bah. Never works!

And finally, it’s in Crossville that Sammoj’s quest for vengeance against St John takes him.

A simple job is all they needed. And a simple job is what Karion, the local Korta priest, offered. Go after Sard, a stray acolyte from the temple and the son of one of the powerful merchants in Crossville. The kid was probably insane and decided to run in the middle of the night, mumbling something about the ruins near the Mistwall, and without taking even food or a change of clothes! But, his father is powerful for a small village, and Karion needs all the money he can get to keep the temple running.

And that’s how our five heroes end visiting the God’s Guard ruins. And that’s where everything goes… weird.

They found Sard alright, but the kid intercepted an arrow with his neck and was dead before hitting the ground. It probably didn’t help that to release Sard from the chains that bound him Sammoj hammered a statue of Korta to pieces. I say, that can only bring bad luck!

It was midnight, there was a lot of blood mixing together with the pieces of a dead High God statue in some old spooky ruins. I think it’s fair to know that they should not have expected a lot of good things.

The details here are nebulous, but from what people say, the Mistwall broke and cracked, and something very powerful brought Sarg back alive and a hundred of the Red Knights. Our heroes had to fight hordes of skeletons and other aberrations just to get out of the ruins alive!

And that’s what I heard, and I think it’s all true.

Fernando, the poet of Crossville, bard and medic.


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